The Story

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At the precise point that the dream to be a writer was unfolding, a ‘carbon footprint’
test caught my attention. It was with delight that I did the test. However, the smug
smile was wiped from my face when I assessed my paper usage. Zillions of trees
falling to the ground crashed into my consciousness. I flinched at the thought of the
thousands of litres of precious water needed to make the paper that would carry the
words of all the untold stories I wanted to write. My heart sank: my enormous feet
would tread carbon all over the planet.

The refusal to give up the dream gave rise to a new commitment: Candylwood
would, wherever possible, choose the earth-friendly options. After much research, a
range of handcrafted notebooks, lifestyle products and packaging were developed
from natural, recycled or reused materials.

A signature scent, blended from six pure essential oils, Cape May, Rose Geranium,
Lime, Lemon Verbena, Patchouli & Amyris, (from the Candlewood Tree), is in each
product. The Candylwood aroma is remarkable in its unique way. It lifts the mind
beyond the ordinary and inspires a yearning to be spectacular. The effect is
delightfully uplifting.

Products made by hand have a different feel, in a similar way, that vegetables eaten
from the home garden taste different from those bought from the store. Perhaps the
difference is in the touch of a hand, or maybe it stirs, however gently, a childhood
memory of the handcrafted treasures in grandma’s old wooden chest. Whatever it is,
this elusive quality is in Candylwood’s handcrafted notebooks, soy & coconut
candles, soaps, scented sprays, essential oils and ceramic burners.

Everything about Candylwood is intimate. The products are crafted in the forests of the Crags in the Western Cape, with natural materials and ingredients. Each product is packaged by hand with recycled paper and cellophane (biodegradable/made from maize). Our commitment is to be kind to the earth and, we will, no matter how inconvenient or expensive, choose the earth-friendly option.

Candylwood was inspired by a love of creating beautiful moments. It is for those
moments in-between work and chores and obligations and commitments. It is for that
precious hour when the demands of the day are behind you and you run a deep,
fragrant bath; fill the room with candlelight and music; and immerse yourself in the
uplifting, sensory magic of the moment.

Candylwood is a place for you to explore, discover little treasures or to find a
special gift. It is a place of personal meaning, of intimacy, of time that is yours alone
to savour. We hope that you enjoy it, minute by delicious, beautiful, inspiring minute.

Sharron Toop.